You may have noticed that Shiloh has a new mobile website and app.
So, we’ve decided to address a few of the questions you may have.
If you think of something that’s not addressed on this list,
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Q: Will the old website ( go away?
A: No. will remain the official website of Shiloh Baptist Church.
Q: Why do we have a new website?
A: The primary function of the Shiloh Mobile website is to house the content that supports our new mobile app. However, it is also a less formal platform that will allow us to share a greater variety of content and information with Shiloh members and friends.
Q: Will the new app (Shiloh Mobile DC) replace the old app (
A: Yes.
Q: I have a Windows phone/tablet. Can I download the Shiloh Mobile App?
A: No. The Shiloh Mobile app (Shiloh Mobile DC) is only available for Apple devices, and Android devices that use the Google Play Store. However, you can view the apps content and more on the Shiloh Mobile website (
Q: Will I need to access the new app through the Yapp program also?
A: No. You will be able to download the new app (ShilohMobileDC) directly from the App Store and Google Play Store.