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A New App for Shiloh!

blog site imageToday we are launching a new era in Shiloh’s history. And a new app too.
We’re debuting the “Shiloh Mobile” app and website as a casual forum to establish, and maintain, a personal connection with Shiloh’s members and friends. In essence, this site and app are for YOU!
Tell us what you want to see, learn about, read, and that’s what “Shiloh Mobile” will feature. This is a forum where you can have access to content and information that’s relevant to your daily life. So if you have questions about a scripture you’re studying, want to watch a featured worship service, or you just want to get your WiFi fix in the middle of the month, this is the app for you.
When you think of something you’d like to see, send an email to In the meantime, welcome to Shiloh Mobile!